Wuhan Institute of Virology (Where Covid Leaked)

Wuhan Institute of Virology (Where Covid Leaked)

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Xiao Hong Shan No.44, Wuhan, P.R.China, Wuhan, Wuhan, China

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (WIV; Chinese: 中国科学院武汉病毒研究所) is a research institute on virology administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which reports to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.[2] The institute is one of nine independent organisations in the Wuhan Branch of the CAS.[3] Located in Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei, it opened mainland China’s first biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory.[4] The institute has collaborated with the Galveston National Laboratory in the United States, the Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie in France, and the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. The institute has been an active premier research center for the study of coronaviruses.

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Email: wiv@wh.iov.cn

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