😷 Masks, Vaccines and the Depopulation Agenda

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To wear a mask or to not wear a mask, that is the question. It has definitely divided the nation and the world. Some believe the narrative that is pushed by the media: it is best to protect oneself and the people around you with a mask. Then, there are some people that believe alternatively: if you wear a mask, this is counterproductive to health, actually amplifying the viral load within the mask that you breathe in and infecting yourself even further with your own carbon dioxide.

People that don’t want wear a mask usually also believe that it is against our constitutional rights and it is about control rather than public safety and health. Will I wear a mask to enter a store or a restaurant? I would rather not because I fall into the latter camp. I would rather not wear one because it is against our civil liberties and it ineffective anyway. There have been experiments that show that if a person coughs or sneezes through the typical mask that people wear, it goes straight through. The pro-maskers  want to, supposedly, amplify the protection the mask wearer has by telling them to sneeze or cough in the corner of their elbow. They also say that if two people are wearing a mask, that greatly decreases the transmission of it.

I don’t doubt that there is a Corona virus that has been manipulated in a laboratory that has not been unleashed in humanity before. However, there are so many viruses, bacteria, and parasites that have a far deadlier/lethal component and higher mortality rate statistically but they are not highlighted in the media. So, the reason why I believe that the statistics are exaggerated and skewed in the media is because people have come forward in the medical profession stating that they have been approached with a monetary incentive (anywhere from $12,000 to $38,000) to skew the statistics of positive COVID-19 cases. I have a text message from a friend saying that somebody in his family who is in the medical profession was approached with an incentive of $12,000 to skew the COVID-19 results.  Also, a friend of Vall Owens said that he walked into a clinic, didn’t take the nasal swab test and walked out. Then, he received a notification that he has COVID-19.

 Also, the common cold/flu is a type of Corona virus. If a person has contracted the common cold then they will rule it as COVID-19. If a person dies who has been in contact, allegedly, with somebody who has it, they rule the cause of death as COVID-19. Things are not as they seem. Someone told me many years ago to believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see. I didn’t understand that statement until just recently.

We have to realize that the people that are the global elite who want to depopulate the earth down to 500 million (see Georgia Guide Stones) want to do so by utilizing vaccines. Reference Bill Gates Ted Talk in 2010. He actually said that population reduction will occur through the use of vaccines. A lot of people don’t realize that vaccines contain heavy metals and biological organisms that shouldn’t be in the body and, believe it or not, aborted fetal parts. It’s horrifying to say the least. Why do they want to inject something that is lethal in us? The answer is the world is run by Luciferian, satanic global elite people from the top. If you do your research, you will see that they have an agenda which is to depopulate the earth through any means necessary. Vaccines are just one of the examples. Some other people have said chem trails, abortions, genetically modified food, and eventually World War III.

Lastly, the persecution/slaughter of anybody who will not comply with the New World Order, specifically those who live for Jesus. The reason why they want to target Christians is because eventually there will be a mandate to comply with worshiping the antichrist/anti-Messiah who will rise to prominence and preeminence as the solution/remedy/cure for all mankind‘s problems. So, for those who do not worship the One World leader, we will be seen as dysfunctional dissidents, counterrevolutionaries, and subversive to the harmony of a one world unification/ecumenism/government.

So, the mask and the vaccines that will be eventually mandated to enter establishments, workplaces, etc. will be mandated as a means to the depopulation end. They do not have your best interest in mind. Even though they have the guise, persona, and outward appearance of caring for humanity, do your research and see that the United Nations actually said that nobody will be able to enter the New World order unless they worship Lucifer.

Anyhow, I wanted to share information from another news site who stated speculation why we are forced to wear masks to enter establishments and walk in public. Heck, they even want us to wear the dreaded muzzle in our cars, houses, etc. So, this author from another alternative news agency said that the possible reason why they want us to wear a mask is because the global elite who are Luciferians draw their occult mystical religion from Egyptian mysticism/mythology and they want us to unknowingly participate in an occult ritual. Basically, when the Egyptian occultists who were in that society would have a birth or death, they would wear a mask. The pharaohs all wore masks. So, he said the reason why they’re forcing us to wear a mask is to unknowingly participate in an occult ceremony which is the death of Christianity and the birth of the New World Order. It does make sense given that they don’t have our best interest in mind and want us to follow their plans like lemmings off of a cliff. Hopefully, dear reader, rather than being a lemming, that you would run the other direction towards truth and liberty.

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